Kelsey Auger Fine Artist

I am an impressionistic landscape and animal painter who works in acrylic and oil on canvas; as well as an Interior Decorator specializing in Online Decorating.

My artistic style emerged in university where I began to identify as an impressionistic styled artist. I've been drawn to painting African animals, usually depicted in a quiet, contemplative manner, as opposed to the ferociousness that people might expect. This work tends to be an observation of our own introspection and ways we might relate to animals in the wild.

I work mostly with oils and create dynamic movement in my paintings through varying strokes using brushes, palette knives, and a wash or "dripping" technique.

I believe that art is to be felt and not necessarily explained. I paint what I can't always explain in words. As an artist, I feel accomplished when my work creates a feeling in someone else that is hard to express, but is understood in the heart.

As a decorator, my work reflects a new way of decorating a home that is more affordable to the everyday home owner. I love finding new ways to repurpose the old in order to add character and save money.

Currently, my favourite decor style is modern industrial. I love the edginess and love homes with more character. Designs shouldn't be boring! I am constantly rearranging and changing up my apartment but right now I am in love with black and white pieces, with splashes of blue (my favourite colour!). I know not everyone will be drawn to this style though, and I always make sure to listen to a client's wants and needs to make sure their home suits them!

My online decorating services offer a do-it-yourself way of decorating that provides clients with a visual guide to help them create a home that fits their style and needs.


I studied Visual Arts and Communication Studies at the University of Windsor in Ontario Canada, where I grew up. It wasn't until my fourth year of university when I finally got into my painting style groove. My dad had recently returned from a missionary trip to Uganda and brought with him mountains of photographs that I immediately began using in school projects. I still have not been able to stop painting these beautiful animals, elephants being my number one favourite.

I moved abroad for my third year of university and was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel through Europe and experience new cultures and world views. This, I believe, had a major impact on my returning and discovering my painting style in my fourth year of study.  I went on to create the curriculum and teach children's art classes at a local community centre. Working with kids reminded me about having fun and not being afraid to experiment with art.

After graduation, I was unconvinced that painting was my only passion. I returned to school to study Interior Decorating at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area). I fell in love with putting beautiful spaces together and started my online interior decorating company to bring some affordable interior decorating guidance to those DIYers looking to create a space that suits them and their style and needs. 

My two passions, painting and decorating, have now merged as I  connect these two streams of the creative world. 

My artwork has been showcased in many venues and shows in Southwestern Ontario including:

  • Kennedy Gallery (St. Catharines)
  • Walkerville Art Walk (Windsor)
  • RAW Artists Toronto: Glimpse (Toronto)
  • Leslieville Flea Market (Toronto)
  • Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (Toronto)
  • Art Battle (Toronto)

I currently reside in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and work from my home studio.  

You can find my work on sites such as:

I'd love to connect with you!