kids/youth art classes

Kids Art Classes in Windsor and Lakeshore
Kids Art Classes in Windsor and Lakeshore
Kids Art Classes in Windsor and Lakeshore

I believe creativity should be an important part of everyone's life. Art classes aren't just for the artistically inclined. 

Kids especially benefit from creative outlets, and arts and crafts are not taught as much as they should be in their regular school day. The skills that children learn from art classes seep into other areas of their lives - self esteem, fine motor coordination, bonding with others, creative solutions, and many others!

I offer 3 kids/youth art classes. Each class is geared towards the skills and capabilities of the age group. Children in each class may be at different artistic skill levels but that's ok! Most activities are worked on independently and all I ever ask is that they try their best and have fun :) 

Sign up your child for an art class today and watch their creativity grow!

Classes are located at 663 Old Tecumseh Rd. in Lakeshore, taking place in a large garage/studio space. There is a max of 8 students per class so secure your child's spot today!

There is also a new after-school program at Tecumseh Vista Academy. This program will  be held at the school after students are let out of their regular classes. Please see below for details on each specific class. 


Artist Kelsey Auger

My name is Kelsey Auger, I am an impressionistic landscape and animal painter who works in acrylic and oil on canvas. I am also an Interior Decorator specializing in Online Decorating and currently working on multiple house flipping projects.

I love being creative and strive to make it an important part of my life, as it should be an important part of yours as well! Even for the less "artistically inclined", finding your inner creative can lead to a happier and more fulfilled life.

I've lived in Lakeshore since I was 11, and studied Visual Arts and Communication Studies at the University of Windsor. It wasn't until my fourth year of university when I finally got into my painting style groove. It can take time to find inspiration! 

I moved abroad for my third year of university and was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel through Europe and experience new cultures and world views. This, I believe, had a major impact on my returning and discovering my painting style in my fourth year of study.  

I went on to create the curriculum and teach children's art classes at Puce Sports and Leisure Centre. Working with kids reminded me about having fun and not being afraid to experiment with art.

I have recently returned to Lakeshore after living in the GTA for a number of years, studying Interior Decorating, and getting involved with the arts community in Toronto. I am eager to share what I've learned with some new creative minds. 

My artwork has been showcased in many venues, markets and shows in Southwestern Ontario including:

  • Elaine Fleck Gallery (Toronto)
  • Partial (Toronto)
  • Art Battle (Toronto)
  • Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (Toronto)
  • Many Arts and Crafts Markets (Toronto and Windsor)
  • Leslieville Flea Market (Toronto)
  • RAW Artists Toronto: Glimpse (Toronto)
  • Walkerville Art Walk (Windsor)
  • Kennedy Gallery (St. Catharines)

You can also find my work on sites such as:

Kids Art Classes in Windsor and Lakeshore
Kids Art Classes in Windsor and Lakeshore
Kids Art Classes in Windsor and Lakeshore


1. Choose the right class for your child according to their age. Add the class to your shopping cart and proceed with your purchase.

2. You will be prompted to fill out a registration form with your purchase. If you would prefer to make your payment through a different method (cash, email transfer, cheque) then please email me at and we will make arrangements. 

3. You will automatically receive a receipt for your purchase through email. Please contact me if you have any issues with sign up.

4. You will get a reminder email a week before the start of the first class.

5. I'll be looking forward to seeing you on the first day of class! Each session lasts 8 weeks (that's 8 classes at 1.5 hours each) and includes all materials. Please send your child to classes in "paint clothes" or something you don't mind getting messy. Paint will stain!

Kids Art Classes in Windsor and Lakeshore
Kids Art Classes in Windsor and Lakeshore
Kids Art Classes in Windsor and Lakeshore

What do other parents think?

"I loved that your classes were fun but about really experiencing art and getting messy."

"[She] thoroughly enjoyed her experience. Thank you."

"You've inspired a lot of creativity over here. And she just said she wants to do something with art when she is older, just like you!"

"[He] is loving your classes and thinks you are the 'coolest' artist."

"[She] enjoyed the class. She immediately said she wanted another session."

"They loved it all!"

ready to sign your child up for an art class?

SIGN UP FOR WINTER 2018 IS NOW OPEN. Sign ups for classes starting in January, 2018 is now open. Winter session will run from week of January 15th - week of November 5th (8 weeks). Please click on the class image below for more information on each class.

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