Looking for a unique way to celebrate your child's birthday? Why not an art party! Choose from many options for a fun, unique celebration! You can choose to have any of the parties at your home or in the studio space. 

Wacky Paint Party

Party Cost: $220

The wacky paint and splatter party is Inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock; guests have the opportunity to splatter paint at their canvases and get really, really messy!


Traditional Painting Party

Party Cost: $200

Guests follow along with the instructor to create their very own canvas painting. Choose from a variety of images to paint at different skill levels or suggest your own.

Rock Painting Party

Party Cost: $200

Party-goers follow along with the instructor to turn their own rock into a detailed animal! Choose from several animal options such as a fawn, cat, dog, or another favourite animal!

Printmaking Party

Party-goers get to carve out their own creations onto lino blocks using real printmaking cutters. Then, using ink, print their designs onto multiple greeting cards to create a whole set. 

Clay Sculpture Party

Party Cost: $200

uests get to explore sculpting objects using clay, Mould, carve, and create your creations using clay tools. Choose from free choice sculpture making, or instructor step-by-step. 

Wire Sculpture Party

Inspired by the artist Alberto Giacometti, guests have the opportunity to create their own figure sculptures using wire, tape, and paint. Get even more creative and animals and other objects!