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Floor Plan


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- Floor Plan    

This a la carte item is for you if:

  • You have a difficult space and you don't know what furniture pieces you would need to make it work

  • You're not sure which furniture shapes you should go for (loveseat? sofa? sectional?)

What is a Floor Plan?

floor plan is a bird's eye view outline of your space with the key furniture pieces laid out so you know where you should place each item in your room.


1. Choose the Design Concept Package that suits your needs

2. Add to Cart and make your purchase

3. You will get an email shortly from me that will include a Style Questionnaire that you must fill out so I can learn more about you, your style, and your needs. I will also ask for room dimensions, and images. If you have any inspiration images, this is also the time to send them my way (or point me in the direction of your Pinterest Board)

4. Depending on your package, I will contact you in a 1 - 2 weeks for first draft of floor plan and/or design board. You will approve the started design or we can make some changes. This is to let me know if I'm on the right track.

5. In another 1 - 2 weeks, your package will be complete! I will email your final package in PDF format via email.

6. It's your turn! Time to make your purchases and install your design.

7. Enjoy your space! Sit back relax...and think about what your next project will be!