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About Kelsey

I love decorating spaces! In fact, I've been doing it since I was little - moving furniture around, painting walls,  making shelves look "pretty". But i guess you can say I "officially" became an interior decorator when I graduated from Sheridan College in 2014. My BA in Visual Arts and Communication Studies from the University of Windsor gives me an added eye for colour, style, and design.

Since graduation, I've been  changing what it means to hire an interior decorator. With HGTV, Pinterest, and all the decorating resources out there, I've come across a lot of DIY clients that want to decorate their home themselves, and even have some great ideas, but just have no idea where to get started. 

I've been there: shopping, buying, returning (or not returning and wasting money), all because I didn't have a design plan in mind. There were so many styles I liked but they didn't necessarily go in my home.

If this sounds like you too, then you're in luck. Stop wasting time and money on furniture and accessories that don't even look good. You don't have to play it safe when buying decor items, with the idea that "this will work with everything". Ugh! BORING! 

Let's make your home a place you'll feel excited to walk into, feel comfortable to live in, and be proud to show off to your friends.