Concept Spread

What I Offer

Want a home designed for you, at a price that works for you too?! 

I work with you to create your beautiful space. Here's how it happens:


Investment: $60 (1 hour)

I come check out your space, give you some on the spot tips, and maybe that's enough! If we feel that you need further guidance in accomplishing your design goals, then we move on to step two.

Don't live in the Windsor/Essex County area? No problem! Let's turn this into an e-design project - we can do a Skype consultation, then I can send you your design concept completely online. All sourced items can be purchased online as well. Get in touch to find out  more!


Investment: $200 - $2000 

This price ranges depending on the size of your home and how many rooms need a revamp. I will put together a design concept package for you that includes: 

  • Design Board (for each room)
  • Furniture Selections (3 options/ideas for the key pieces in the space)

You will get a PDF version of this concept design so you have a copy to print off when you go shopping. Speaking of shopping...


Investment: $60/first hour, $40/additional hours

Feeling nervous about actually making the purchases? Let's do it together! We'll head out to the stores, check out the furniture, tweak any selections we need, and be confident it's going to look great in your home! 

*Shopping hours includes drive time between stores


Investment $60+

You now have all your furniture and key items delivered and in your home but somehow you can't make it all come together properly. I will come and help you get the items into place, and accessorize as needed. We'll discuss the final touches that will really make your house a home. 

Check out my portfolio and see some previous projects!

Let's take it up a notch...

Need a few more features added to your design concept? 


Investment $200 - $400 (per room)

If you need further help visualizing the space then I can create 3D Renderings for you. This is like getting a photograph of your new room...before you've even done a thing to it! This also shows you a floor plan of where each furniture item will go in the room


Investment: $60+ (plus initial downpayment, and final item purchases)

Can't get out to shop? I'm your helping hand! Although you will need to order any large furniture pieces, you can leave the small details up to me! I will make some purchases on your behalf, bring them to your home, and help you set it all up. Anything you don't love, I will return. Anything you want to keep, you pay the purchase price. Some shopping items might include:

  • bedding, pillows, throws, towels
  • accessories
  • small tables
  • dishes and kitchen items
  • wall decor 
  • curtains and rods
  • bathroom hardware (towel rings, rods, holders, pulls, etc.)
  • some lighting fixtures

Still not seeing what you want? Get in touch and let me know what you're looking for!